Trinity Webcam and Weather

Welcome to the new home of the Trinity website and webcam: (Note that and will also redirect to this site.) We are happy to finally have our own domain -- trinityconservancy!

You are looking North at Massie Ridge and Fortress mountain out the back window of our cabin at Trinity, WA.

The Davis Weather Station continues to collect good weather data. (See the frame below with the current weather info, compliments of our friend Kevin.) There is also a text-based daily summary of data every half-hour here and a weekly text-based summary here. Finally, we have a NOAA monthly weather summary here.

Additionally, here is a link to the SNOTEL site relocated to Trinity fall 2010. It measures snow pack water content and current snow depth. To see snowfall over the last several hours, click to highlight "Standard SNOTEL( 2010-08-19)", "Hourly", "table", "Last 7 days", and then click on the yellow "View Current" button to finally see the hourly measurements.

Snow gauge (bottom of picture): The gauge is either one or two sections of white 2" PVC. We add the second section when the snow gets about 8' deep. So the top of gauge is either 10' tall or 20' tall. (Assume 10' unless we note it here.)

The marks on the PVC are 1 foot apart, with double-wide marks at 10' and 5', and a little band at 7.5'. Calculate snow depth by counting down from the top and subtracting from either 10 or 20. Thus if you see 4 of the 1' marks showing, there is 10 - 4, or 6+' of snow on the ground.


Once again, we're running with HughesNet satellite internet -- our Wildblue installation failed in late October, 2013, and Wildblue was simply unable or unwilling to service our equipment over a 2 week period. Special thanks to Dan with L & M Industries, the HughesNet installation service, for getting us back on the air.

Other items:
-- The old Logitech camera continues to work fine, but its low-quality images are beginning to look very dated. We are investigating a higher quality, higher resolution webcam. (Stay tuned.)
-- Snow should arrive by mid-November. Look for updated markings on the snow gauge -- we are going to try to make it more readable.

(Text updated 2015-Oct-03)